FACTS DON’T LIE! 8 Years of Obama vs. 8 MONTHS of Trump!

Trump Off to Massive Start-Fixing Obama’s Broken America

At the point when Barack Obama was chosen in 2007 as the principal dark President of the United States, numerous Americans had extraordinary desires for him.

Lamentably, everybody’s expectations were dashed inside months and, following eight years, the United States was not even a similar nation we experienced childhood in.

President Trump made HUGE guarantees amid 2016. In two weeks, he will have been in office 8 months, and he has officially finished more than Obama did in 8 years, in addition to his has begun repairing everything that Obama screwed.

Here is an incomplete rundown of Obama’s accomplishments, mixed in with a fractional rundown of President Trump’s achievements up until this point. Indeed, even liberals may need to reevaluate things after they read this.

Barack Hussein Obama features (lowlights):

  • Most reduced Labor Participation rate since 1970’s
  • 95 million out of work constraint.
  • 11 million more Americans on sustenance stamps.
  • Most reduced home proprietorship in 50 years.
  • Most exceedingly terrible financial recuperation rate since WWII.
  • 1 of every 5 families without a part in the work drive.
  • $20 Trillion dollars in the red – $9.3 Trillion over the most recent 8 years.
  • 1 out of 6 grown-up men matured 18-34 – in jail or out of work compelling.
  • Statement of regret Tour.
  • Positioned seventeenth out of 40 nations in instructive execution.
  • More obligation gathered in most recent 8 years than under every other president consolidated.
  • 43 million Americans living in destitution.
  • $873 billion dollars in controls against organizations.
  • 300,000 assembling employments lost.
  • Resurgence and extension of the Soviet/Russian realm.
  • $732 billion worldwide exchange shortage a year ago.
  • Obamacare premiums up as much as 116%.
  • An increment in social insurance costs 43%, or roughly $5462 per family every year.
  • (Keep in mind “You can keep your specialist. You can keep your medical coverage; The ACA will decrease family medicinal services premiums by $2500 every year.”?
  • Exorbitant medicinal services deductibles.
  • Diminished accessibility of medicinal services suppliers.
  • Diminished medicinal services decisions.

Donald J. Trump:

Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court

Securities exchange at All Time High

Shopper Confidence at 16 Year High

More than 1 Million occupations made.

Home loan applications for new homes ascend to a seven year high.

Joblessness rate at a 16 year low

Marked the Promoting Women in Entrepreneurship Act

Gutted Obama EPA directions

Finished war on coal

Here are a couple of Obama’s remarkable records… (READ MORE BELOW)

Sleeping quarters Hussein Obama:

  • It’s Bush’s blame.
  • It’s bigotry.
  • AG Holder in hatred
  • AG Lynch takes the fifth.
  • $150 billion to Iran, a lot of it under the front of obscurity without Congressional endorsement.
  • $1.5 Billion to the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • 4 dead incorporating an Ambassador in Benghazi and a conceal for political pick up.
  • Political politically motivated justices.
  • Regarded the passings of Fidel Castro and internal city hoodlums, however not cops and troopers.
  • Urging illegals to vote.
  • $1 Billion in citizen cash to the fizzled Green Climate Fund.
  • Politically made racial distress.
  • Politically coordinated common rebellion.
  • Red lines.
  • Clock kid.
  • Top and Trade.
  • DNS keeping an eye on the press.
  • IRS examinations of political adversaries.
  • Multiplied obligation per US native from $31,000 to $61,340.
  • The ascent of ISIS and Muslim radicalism.
  • An unarmed attack crosswise over unsecured outskirts.
  • Concealment of discourse and thought.
  • A debilitated military.

Donald J. Trump:

Debilitated Dodd Frank controls

Advances purchasing and enlisting American

Ventures from Major Businesses




Diminished Illegal Immigration by 70%

Offers for Border Wall in progress

Battling back against asylum urban areas

Changed principles of engagement against ISIS

Attempted to Defeat ISIS

Attempted to lessen F-35 cost

More Obama Gee, says thanks to Barry!

  • Bergdahl.
  • To start with President without a 3% GDP in any time of office.
  • Media publicity.
  • Oak seed.
  • Quick and Furious a/k/a Guns for Cartels.
  • Dark Lives Matter.
  • Dead Cops.
  • Most reduced US Credit Rating ever.
  • Treachery of Israel.
  • Social division and turmoil.
  • Consumed and plundered urban areas.
  • Demolished Democrat Party – 900+ state assembly seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats lost.
  • Abrogated partition of forces.
  • Nukes to Iran.
  • A settled decision.
  • Global loss of regard.
  • Careless outside approach.
  • Secretary of State Clinton.
  • 10.5% genuine joblessness.
  • More than 150 Muslim psychological oppressors discharged from Gitmo; no less than 30% come back to ISIS.
  • Unappetizing school snacks.
  • $100 million in citizen financed get-aways.
  • Political cleanse of Generals and Admirals.
  • Resistance for Clinton Aides.
  • Record Gun Sales.
  • Most Presidential substitutions and absolves ever.
  • Young men in Girl’s restrooms.
  • A politically controlled DOJ.
  • Counterfeit News.
  • Efficient power Energy Initiative fall costing citizens $2 billion.
  • Solyndra chapter 11 and conceal
  • Scoop Ready Jobs.
  • Powerlessness to represent $6 Billion in DOS contracts.
  • Regular Core.
  • Task Veritas.
  • The View.
  • Outside hacking of insight interchanges.
  • Unsecured grouped messages.
  • Investment Trophies
  • Presidential Participation Medals.
  • Stonewalling Congressional examinations.
  • The decimation of Middle Class.
  • Brexit.
  • Relative government annuities.
  • Bradley “Chelsey” Manning.
  • Paid agitators.
  • VA Care emergency. (READ MORE BELOW)

Donald J. Trump:

5 Year Lobbying Ban

Endorsed Iran over a rocket program

Reacted to Syria’s utilization of synthetic weapons

Presented Tax Reform Plan

Re-arranging NAFTA

Pulled back from the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Evacuated the United States out of the Paris Accord

Made team decrease wrongdoing

DOJ Targeting MS-13 Gang

Garisson huts Hussein Obama:

  • Sharia Law in America.
  • Settled Debates.
  • Unlawful break arrangements.
  • Operation Choke Point utilized against political rivals/weapon shops.
  • Snowflakes.
  • Millions in citizen assets to Sanctuary Cities.
  • Presidential compensation rise.
  • Mass Murders in Gun-Free Zones
  • Safe Spaces.
  • Wikileaks
  • 3,940 killed in Chicago.
  • 10.8 percent expansion in murders (2014 to 2015) — most in 1 year since 1971.
  • Refusal to uphold migration laws.
  • “I have a pen and a telephone.”
  • Political Correctness.
  • $221 million to Palestine.
  • Least Presidential achievement rate under the steady gaze of the Supreme Court since Truman
  • Trump Tower wiretaps.
  • Merkel phone hacks.
  • Fizzled Netanyahu upset.
  • 8 years of disappointment.
  • 8 years of debasement.
  • 8 years of ineptitude.
  • 8 years of preposterousness.
  • 8 years of untruths.
  • 8 years of stagnation.
  • 8 years of unaccountability.
  • 8 years of war.
  • 8 years of propelling radical left-wing legislative issues.
  • A Republican Congress.
  • Abandoned Executive Orders.
  • President Trump. (Source: Facebook)

Donald J. Trump:

Marked official request to advance Energy Independence and Economic Growth

Marked official request to target sedate cartels

Marked official request for religious opportunity

Sending training back to the states

Settling the Department of Veterans Affairs

SCOTUS Upheld part of President Trump’s travel boycott official request

Approved development of the Keystone pipeline

Made Commission on Election Fraud

Made Commission on Opioid Addiction

Battling Human Trafficking

Rollback of Obama’s Cuba Policy

Nourishment stamp utilize most reduced level in seven years

Decreased White House Payroll

Giving Presidential Salary

Passed 52 bits of enactment

Given $1,000,000 of his own cash to typhoon casualties

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  1. WE are so with him, if your are an america I don’t care what side your on Your must know that its our flag and president so if you cant handle that I wish you would leave and let him do his job that we voted him to do . great job Mr.President

  2. I voted proudly for MR. Donald J. Trump for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, He is my HERO, for without him, we would be totally screwed out of are own country, while the Members of alquieda and Hollywood take over, He saved us for a world of misery, and is doing the best job I have ever thought, He is a wonderful father, has very smart children, speaks volumes, and a GOOD MAN, I AM LUCKY TO HAVE HIM AS MY PRESIDENT, THANKYOU FOR ALL YOU ARE DOING PRESIDENT TRUMP I ADORE YOU,

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