SPECIAL REPORT: Trump Removes Muslim Federal Judge For Allowing Sharia In America

22nd Circuit Court of Appeals Justice Hansam al Alallawalahi-Smith made national news this week when he overturned a ruling out of Dearborn, Michigan that allowed two critical and violent tenets of Sharia Law to be practiced here in the United States.


The judge refered to Christmas as his crazy answer in the matter of why the feds have the privilege to enable a man to brutalize his significant other for talking with another man and to pound the life out of her almost if she somehow managed to follow up on her driving forces. Those laws might be adequate to savages, however here in America, we have higher models.

President Trump utilized an old point of reference and an official request to expel al Allalawaralahali-Smith from the seat, refering to net carelessness of his obligations and wanton dismissal for the United States Constitution. The Muslim can request a Congressional hearing in the event that he so wants, however that will probably accomplish nothing for him since he is the first and final individual ever to permit the religious tenet from another culture govern the nation.

Democrats are crying foul, saying that since the arrangement wasn’t Trump’s, he can’t utilize the point of reference he’s utilizing to flame him. Trump reacted that individuals dependably need him to consider the Office in these circumstances. His exclusive explanation was, “The Office had no real option except to release him for the benefit of the nation.”


  1. Now the President needs to step in to the COUNTY in MARYLAND that banned CHRISTMAS from it’s schools and the surrounding area. THIS IS AMERICA, WE CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS AND SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS. There is no room for A MUSLIM takeover of any county in AMERICA!! PERIOD!!

  2. I agree with the substance. Could we possibly get someone to proofread these comments so that they adhere to regular english standards?

  3. When you have a Muslim president, all kinds of craziness quickly follows, practicing another nations laws under the guise of religion here in the won’t get it.

  4. BS in no way should another country have any law over the country you live in, if we all do not follow one law who is to say when you ran a stop light as a woman you could end up in jail for 30 years and the rape of a female child age of 1 year of age will be over looked. so in no way their law is any good here we have to follow their laws in their country and here you follow our laws

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